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Romance of the first

I attend a party of. The Wedding song heave accompany the guests to enjoy a fun meal buffet. Girls look beautiful with a party dress and grooming them. Until Oom Andi, one of the pamanku clap pundakku.
"Hey Rik, how are you?"
"Oh, well just oom."
"Will you kupertemukan with someone, so I joined."
I follow the oom-ku is to a girl who is eager to enjoy the ice creamnya. Girls that wear yellow party dress with open shoulders, wrap him. Once I saw him, immediately I remember someone on.
"What, did he ..?"
"Rik True, he Ayu."
"Ayu, kuperkenalkan this on your friends."
The girl looks a bit by surprise, but even to hesitate, he also seems mengenaliku.
"This is Riki, of course you know him," said oomku.
We greet each other.
"Wah, once you have gede Ayu."
"Memangnya ordered to hold a small, memangnya how you own?" He said while laughing.
Tertawanya and colored mortar is directly mengingatkanku on tertawanya when he was small. I am really stunned to see Ayu, Ayu remember I was pretty small, but that this is indeed extraordinary. Was it because dandanannya? Ah, no, although I certainly did not dress also stunned. Pestanya the yellow dress that is not luxurious, but very elegant with a slender body. Open shoulder, the chest swell a little white on the gaunnya that distinguish them with a small Ayu had kukenal.
"It is there to chat-chat about the many diceritain," said oomku while leaving us.
"Tuh have empty seats in there, go ahead sit there," I said.
Kamipun to walk towards the chair.
"How Ayu, where you now?"
"I am now living in Semarang, where you own?"
"I am studying in Bandung, how you?"
He was speechless, spoon ice creamnya ago melumat and menelannya, slowly, he said, "I do not seberuntung you Rik, I have worked. I am only up to high school. Yah the circumstances require me so. "
"Working is also good Ayu, each person has a way of life alone. Thus the struggle of life to make people more mature. "
Approximately one hour we told each other our experiences. Umurku 22 that time, he also (since I already know the small age with the same umurku). Feelings that have been grown in small sanubariku during sprout seems to start again. It's not bored, bored I looked pretty face that is. What's love of children that start replaced with mature love? I do not know. I also do not know if he felt the same. That I feel sympathy to it. That night before I have a separate address and kuberikan alamatku.
Sekembali Bandung kusurati to him, and he respond. He was never late reply to my letter. Our increasingly intimate relationship. A menyuratiku when he visited the Bandung akan take his mother's affairs for a trade. Indeed, after his father's retirement, his mother make a small trade. I am happy to top them. Kucarikan a hotel not far from the house indekosku. The hotel is simple but clean enough.
Morning I pick them at the train station and mengantarnya to their hotel. Afternoon, finish college I hotelnya to. We enjoy dinner sate a yard sale in the hotel. On the night kuajak Ayu walking Kotaku enjoy the cold air. Somehow starting, suddenly we start coupled hands, even sometimes kulingkarkan hand on the shoulder by a closed jacket. We walk through a distance of several kilometers, the distance that the Vespaku not be regarded close. Strange but we feel very close to that distance. Sekembali at the hotel we still continue pecakapan in the foyer to the hotel through the middle of the night, while the mother is the Ayu dreamland. Tomorrow I sorenya to the hotel to escort them to the station to return to their city. When I arrived at the hotel, the mother is being bathed Ayu, Ayu are bribe goods default. I sit in a chair in the room. Suddenly terbersit in pikiranku to provide a very safe way for him personally. I rise with the pulse of the place dudukku run and stand behind them, slowly kupegang both shoulder from behind, kubalikkan body to menghadapku.
"Ayu, may ..?"
He looked nervous, he wajahku avoid when approaching the face. He returned membelakangiku.
"Ayu Sorry, not maksudku .."
He was still alone, still looks kegugupannya, he continue with the bribe-goods goods. Heard the sound of a bathroom door open, the mother Ayu exit.
At the station, before entering the train kusalami to his mother. When I greet Ayu I whisper, "Ayu, sorry ya with that line."
He only smiled. Prissy senyumnya it.
"Thanks Rik on waktumu accompany us."
Relationships correspondence we become increasingly familiar to more serious stage. I often open the letter with "Ayuku tersayang". Sometimes he kukirimi humor or words prankish. He also dare respond with prankish. Never write like him, "Now here the air is very hot Rik, to sleep if I only wear trousers only. Crops need to disirami (me too). "
Read a letter that I tergetar. Kubayangkan it in circumstances such as the diceritakannya it. Kukhayalkan I are in the neighborhood and doing romantic scenes, scenes with her. I have felt myself out of the drop due to the illusion. Kuoleskan drops the letter in the paper that kugunakan to reply to suratnya. (Perhaps there is flavor, somehow or what, that makes it feel what kurasakan that time. But I never stories about him on this.)
Arrive until the semester holidays, I visited him. I live in the house for four nights. This is pengalamanku for four that night.
I arrived the morning. After breakfast, I sat down, and he sat in the dining room. I see Ayu ringed with imitation stones in pink finger manisnya.
"Good cincinmu it. Allow saw? "
Kutarik hand near, but I will soon forget the ring. When lengannya kugenggam, serasa have flowed from that hand to hand. Jantungku pulse. Not kulepas genggamanku, kubawa their hands to their hands. Kumasukkan finger on the sidelines jariku-finger-finger. Finger-finger fine, white and lentik between finger-jariku larger and darker. Kugenggam him, he was also holding. Kuremas-remas fingers it. He membiarkannya. We have a certain meaning to the full before he rose with a coy,
"I rest a table first."
He was tidy table and washing dishes. After that he put in order to get to work. Afternoon that I will not name, where I rested while reading books that kubawa novel.
I day afternoon, Ayu adiknya and watch movies in cinemas. I remember watching it when I was remas-remasan hands with him. After the movie we went home to sit-in sitting room. At the same time, around nine o'clock. We only chat-chat because ordinary people in the house is still not sleeping. Ayu make a cup of coffee for me. Around ten o'clock the house began to quiet, parents and younger brother had been to Ayu bedrooms each. Only me and Ayu in the room. He sat on the sofa in my right hand.
I always chat from the start. Kulingkarkan hand dibahunya. Ayu silent and resign. With hands kiriku kutengadahkan face, head kudekatkan to face, he kutarik. Unlike the hotel in that time, he let his eyes memejamkan lips touch lips. Kukecup lips. Only briefly. Silent, all kind of thoughts in my head berkecamuk (kukira also in his head). I feel jantungku berdegup.
Take your hands from the crowd kananku kulepas, penetrate between the arm and the body, and kutaruh finger-jariku in the chest. He let kusentuh chest. I step over again, the finger-jariku kuusap-usapkan there. He even let a lean body in the chest. I smell the smell fragrant hair. I also did not hesitate anymore, kuremas-remas payudaranya. He remained silent and seems to enjoy it.
After some time he was a little friction body then, as if accidentally, he put in the hands pangkuanku, just above the button celanaku. I postulate this response. Kubuka ruitsluiting celanaku, kutarik hands into the gap that is already open. He and the touches he penisku, finger-finger earlier that passive now active start. Although it is still obstructed by panties, rub-Wipe it on there. I step further, the hand is in the chest now dasternya enter, penetrate in between the BH and its kuremas-remas payudaranya directly. Payudaranya is not too large but elastic enough in remasanku. He did not want to lose, to chisel in hand trousers dalamku and direct touch penisku ago mengenggamnya. Vibrant heart, a new time penisku that touched a girl, gairahku soaring. Twice he genggamannya to the top to bottom and I do not hold .. menyemburlah cairanku ret finger-finger and trousers dalamku. I complained to myself and the rest sofa. He release of celanaku hand and see the hands wet.
"Rik is thick," bisiknya.
"Ayu, too fast it is, this pengalamanku first," said disappointed.
"I know Rik," he understood.
"You change the past, tomorrow I travel to that," he added.
He rose to the bathroom to wash hands. I enter a room to change the pants dalamku. When out Ayu already back there. We chat-chat while ago we went to sleep. I go to kamarku and Ayu into, to the rooms.
Second night. Like the first night, after a quiet atmosphere to start with our smooch. If only yesterday smack the lips, this time I tried more. Firstly kukecup lower lip, and top lip, and tongue entrance. Tongue spoken and capricious. I savor fresh and sweet taste in the mouth, he kurasa eat candy pastille or spicy before. Then we play remas-remasan again. Times that he does not wear bra's easier for me to squeeze-remas payudaranya. As yesterday was hands fumble penisku. I have been worried that I will quickly go out like yesterday, but apparently not. I also want to do as he did. Hand to the bottom, kusingkapkan dasternya, but when my hands go to celananya he menepisnya. Apparently it like it is not. That night we just play remas-remasan only. Kuremas-remas payudaranya, and her nose-belai penisku lips while we berkecupan. Finally, I do not hold the hose out to cairanku damp hands, the same as yesterday. But I am pleased because we can play longer. I feel there is progress, I am more confident.
Third night. As the night before, we start with a smooch on each other sofa. When starting a new phase remas-remasan I remember that I brought a book seksologi. Kuambil the book and on the kutunjukkan Ayu. Kubuka of the page there are pictures male genital equipment. Kujelaskan on the way bekerjanya tool. He listen with attention. Biology teachers as if I indicate, for example, kubuka ruitsluiting celanaku. Kuturunkan trousers dalamku to penisku heave out and kupertontonkan on Ayu. penisku is different with that in the picture, if the picture is weak, penisku stand upright. Ayu penisku attention to that.
"That there are two lubangnya ya?" Tanyanya, "One for urine, one for ngeluarin?"
"Ah, engga. But there is one, "I said while laughing.
Kubuka small hole is quite wide, indicating that lubangnya the only one. The red end of the wet shine by clear fluid. Kubawa telunjuknya mengusapnya fingers and let it wet. Then fingers lentik that the fiber-fiber in there from top to bottom.
"It seems ugly, but how can I take ya," he said while laughing.
"Eh, well if tahunya. Already been tried? "Sahutku.
"I said," sahutnya while laughing.
Jemarinya also memain-play penisku.
"If this is the content?" Candanya while memain-play bolaku bag.
"The seeds of salak time," jawabku while laughing. He was also laughing.
Then, holding hands and rub penisku-gosoknya.
"Do not hard-hard Ayu. Out later, "bisikku. According to he, he is still holding but is not the only rub-Wipe gently.
"Can I see your?" Tanyaku.
"Do not tut," answered.
"Just be seated," I said.
He is also the. He let my hand and disclose dasternya trousers down in to the knee. I swallow saliva, new times that I saw the female genitals, before I see it only in pictures. Hand is to it. Wipe-Kuusap hair jariku ago to open the slit in the wet there and saw in it.
"How so bedraggled."
"Earlier you also."
Kutengok penisku, is already dry, because diusap by Ayu, but I see in the end start again moist. I remember when reading the book seksologiku have the "labia majora", have "labia minora", have "clitoris." I tried to find out which is. I try to open wider celahnya but he ward hand.
"It is ah, shame," he said.
He returned in the pants.
"You foul Ayu. penisku already see from you before, "said archly.
"Kan katamu only see briefly."
Susasana silent. Kupeluk him. Back we smooch. Back-hand stroke penisku Wipe. Hand also to penetrate inside trousers (still dasternya disclose). He does not deny. Wipe-Kuusap hair on the back in shorts and finger-also encourage jariku there. I feel basahnya. Kurebahkan him in the sofa, in kutarik trousers. But Ayu reject my hand and whisper,
"In the room just Rik."
I am aware, there is not the right place.
"You go ahead," he said.
Akupun into kamarku release all pakaianku I lie down to wait Ayu. After several minutes entering Ayu bring a small towel ago lock the door. He menghempaskan themselves in sisiku. I immediately knew that he did not wear shorts anymore. Kulepas dasternya soon. There is not anything more that we cover. Without a doubt again and we immediately embrace with violent berkecupan. The hands of our reach, touch, knead for what can stimulate each other. Kugigit putingnya. He menggelinjang. He rose and reply with a mumble penisku. I change the menggelinjang. We do that may be ten minutes. Passion became unbearable.
"Rik, enter it ..," bisiknya apply.
Ayu sink himself recumbent. I take a position on it. Both pahanya opened wide to accommodate my body, and both legs, as well as his hands, around my body. Penisku end of the search of his hole. Once I met a little push. He was quite moan.
"Slow Rik," bisiknya.
Kudorong penisku slowly, once, twice, and finally penetrating. He menggelinjang and complain. We both feel the atmosphere. It is only this earth belong to us both. We both move menggerak-body we find the touch-touch the most sensitive.
Escalate the pleasure, some time after the fast movement of the body and he memelukku freeze while moan,
"Rik, Rik, .." I also do not hold and soon menyusulnya,
"Ayu .." He memelukku close, our lips berkecupan when benihku hose in it. Cairanku integrates with cairannya. During the few minutes we are still in that position.
"Rik, I just want the same for you, engga have another one," he said.
"So I also Ayu, I pity you," said the colored cocker. Then kukecup lips, intimate with all your perasaanku.
Approximately half an hour we still embrace terbuai Searched by experience. Then we rise. I penisku lap with a small towel, and he also vaginanya dust, I see there is blood on the towel. Then we fall down, and we embrace it again and do not use anything. We were asleep.
Towards the morning wake kurasakan Ayu. He will dasternya.
"I must return to kamarku Rik, already am."
Interesting but I hand it back to the collapse in sisiku.
"Still half three Ayu, here first."
Penisku is back tense and hard. Ayu view.
"Apparently the kecilmu is ready again Rik," candanya.
He also risen body overbear ago topple the recumbent body. He mengecupi leherku left and right repeatedly. Finally, the drop in the mouth lips. Tongue and spoken berbelitan, while in the mouth, while in the mouth. Then he got a little lift, lubangnya lead to the end of the penisku and he thrust his body back to penisku to enter fully. He sat in the perutku. Hand-wring remas payudaranya and swing it in the body-goyangkan upon. Firstly gerakannya not too fast but the rhythm gerakannya long ago it was the boast pelukanku buckle in, I heard desahnya full enjoyment. But I still rigid. Change the kutelentangkan it, I was on it, kugerakkan body. Some time later kenikmatanpun sweep across my body. Night was not many words that we speak, but the bodies we have to talk each other we devote all the pent-up feelings for months. Has four half-hour, he put dasternya mengecup pipiku and back to the rooms. I fall asleep with a happy feeling.
Fourth night. We started with a kiss bercium-in sofa. We do not want long-berlama there, we enter a room. Once he locks the door dasternya release. I also release pakaianku. In fact behind the house dress she put on the blouse and trousers that are not mini thin unduly strict blue young. payudaranya not too big but quite prominent in the background blousenya that, putingnya clearly visible behind the transparent blousenya and in celananya I can also see menerawang hair. I stood stunned to see Ayu in the front section so the clothes. Bergerai hair that long, lanky tubuhya a very harmonious with the dipakainya. Terpana I sit in bed memandangnya. If only I could certainly memotretnya every night kupandangi image is full of charm with.
"Foreign Ayu usual, once you beautiful. Where do you buy bajumu it? "
He does not answer, just smiled. It was towards the bed and lie down. I fall down on the side. Kubelai putingnya behind blousenya it. Then kuusap celananya and finger-jariku feel kemresak hair in baliknya. Then we faced collapse. Kusisipkan penisku through gap trousers mininya touch vaginanya ago kudekap and kucium him. A few minutes we smooch. Then he rose mengecup breast in various places.
Kulepas trousers and mini blousenya. Now there is not anything more that we stick in the body. I sat and he sat in the pangkuanku dealing with me. We have stick to each other. penisku stood upright, surrounded by hair-hair and hair-rambutku, penisku to appear as though her also. Immediately kamipun berdekapan closely, beciuman while seated. We make a very long time touched in different ways. Like the previous evening, that night we perform two more times.
Esoknya I must return to Kotaku. Ayu that day he took a whole day menemaniku. Ayu mengantarku afternoon to the train station. I saw his eyes glisten when I greet him.
"Come again Rik yes, tonight I will memimpikanmu," he said when I will take the train.
When the train left the station to move I saw him wave his hands until he disappeared from pandanganku.
"I will surely come again Ayu," without conscious kuucapkan words that

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